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Tricia Adjei

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Emily Adland

Postdoctoral Researcher and Lab Manager

Syed Adlou

Research Assistant

Nina Ahlskog

Research Assistant

Parvinder Aley

Director of Operations (OVG)

Alix Decalignon

Ana Guimaraes-Walker

Foteini Andritsou

Senior Neonatal Research Nurse

Rachel Anslow

Research Assistant

Jasminka Arezina

Facilities and Laboratory Glassware Assistant

Bonny Baker

Clinical Trials Assistant

Sharon Baugh

CRN Neonatal Research Nurse

Kirsten Beadon

Paediatric Research Nurse

Rebecca Beckley

Project Manager

Corinne Betts

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Amy Beveridge

Laboratory Assistant

Aomesh Bhatt

Senior Clinical Researcher

Amarjit Bhomra

Lab Manager

Sagida Bibi

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Else Bijker

Postdoctoral researcher

Luke Blackwell

Research Assistant

Marcela Braga Mansur

Leukaemia UK John Goldman Research Fellow

Alice Bridges-Webb

Research Assistant

Emma Callen

Clinical Trials Support Officer/ Play Assistant

Susana Camara

Research Assistant

Grace Caramia

Green Shoots Researcher - Neonatal Nurse

Irina Chelysheva

Medical Bioinformatician

Stanley Cheuk

Visiting Research Fellow

Katarzyna Chwalenia

Research Assistant

Elizabeth Clutterbuck


Mariana Conceicao

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Rachel Cooper

Paediatric Research Nurse

Annabel Coxon

Clinical Trials Assistant

Daniel Crankshaw

Victoria Smallpiece Paediatric Academic Fellow

Lara Cravo

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Anna Csala

Laboratory Technician

Ghulam Dar

Postdoctoral Research Scientist Investigating Exosomes

Mary Deadman

Laboratory Manager

Tesfaye Demissie

Research Assistant

Geoffrey Denwood

Research facilitator

Claudio Di Maso

Adult Research Nurse

Alexa Dierig

Academic Visitor

Tanya Dinesh

Laboratory Research Assistant

Gabrielle Green

Academic Clinical Research Fellow

Rachael Drake-Brockman

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Eugene Duff

Oxford Excellence Fellow in Paediatric Neuroimaging

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