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Emily Adland

Laboratory Manager

Parvinder Aley

Operational Manager

Sarah Atkinson

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatrics and Paediatric ...

Bonny Baker

Research Assistant

Shuela Barlow

Neonatal Research Nurse

Rebecca Beckley

Project Manager

Sagida Bibi

Research Assistant

Luke Blackwell

Research Assistant

Christoph Blohmke

Senior Research Associate

Jaclyn Bowman

Laboratory Assistant

Charlotte Boyer

Project Manager

David Brindley

Senior Research Fellow in Healthcare Translation

Gemma Buck

Research Technician

Emma Callen

Clinical Trials Play and Study Assistant

Susana Camara

Research Assistant

Tamar Cameron

Paediatric Clinical Research Manager

Danielle Campbell

Senior Research Nurse & Immunisation Advisor

Patricia Campos

Research Assistant

Melanie Carr

Clinical Trials Assistant

Elizabeth Clutterbuck

Senior Post Doctoral Researcher

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Stefano Maio

Research Assistant

Alex Maytum

Research Assistant

Olga Mazur

Data Manager

Priscilla McRitason

Adult Research Nurse

Gretchen Meddaugh

Assistant Laboratory Technician and Data Entry Support

James Meiring

Adult Research Fellow

Gabriela Schmidt Mellado

Research Associate

Christine Montague-Johnson

Senior Research Nurse

Masahiko Mori

Postdoctoral Researcher

Richard Moxon

Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics

Lily Norman

Research Nurse

Katie O'Brien

Paediatric Research Nurse

Daniel O'Connor

Post-doctoral researcher

Jo Partington

Research Nurse

Soumya Perinparajah

Research Assistant

Emma Plested

Project Manager

Andrew Pollard

Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity

Helen Richmond

Paediatric Research Nurse

Irene Roberts

Professor of Paediatric Haematology

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Ming-Han (Chloe) Tsai

DPhil Student

Adli Ali

DPhil Student

Shiraz Badurdeen

Academic Clinical Fellow

Amber Barton

DPhil Student

Robin Basu Roy

Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics

Luke Baxter

DPhil student

Carl Britto

PhD Student

Michael Carter

Clinical Research Fellow and DPhil Student

Fatima Dhalla

DPhil Student, Developmental Immunology Group, Weatherall Institute of ...

Gabrielle Green

Clinical Research Fellow

Simon Drysdale

Academic Clinical Lecturer

James Gilchrist

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow

Annina Grädel

DPhil student

Deniz Gursul

DPhil Student

Mildred Iro

Paediatric Research Fellow

Celina Jin

DPhil Student

Seilesh Kadambari

Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics

Malick Gibani

Clinical Research Fellow

Amna Malik

DPhil student

Fiona Moultrie

Academic Clinical Fellow

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Ruth Abrahams

Communications Officer

Pauline Anwar

Grants Research Officer

Sue Brockes-Smith

Conference Organiser

Emily Davis

Finance Assistant

Jonathan Dyer

Finance Officer

Mujtaba Ghulam Farooq

IT Support Officer

Nicola Gregg

Teaching Course Administrator

Sabrina Harris

PA to Professor Hollander

Alex Holmes

Head of Administration and Finance

Laura Marriott

Grants Manager

Catherine Owen

PA to Professor Pollard

Carinne Piekema

Communications & Public Engagement Officer

Lynne Roberts

PA to Professor Sullivan & Professor Roberts

Andrea Simpson

HR & Graduate Studies Officer

Fiona Smith

Finance Assistant

Ann Waterhouse

Events and Technical Research Assistant

Sarah Willcox-Jones

Deputy Head of Finance and Administration (HR Manager)

Eugene Duff

SSNAP Fellowship in Paediatric Neuroscience