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Department of Paediatrics Early Career Research Committee Terms of Reference



The overall aim of the Early Career Research Committee is to support the career development of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in the Department of Paediatrics. For the purposes of the Committee, the definition of ECR is taken broadly, to include (but not be limited to) Research Assistants, Postdoctoral Researchers, new Principal Investigators (PIs) etc.


The ECR Committee is one of four sub-committees of the Equality and Diversity (Athena Swan) Committee (E&D). These sub-committees were set-up in February 2020 to ensure that the key objectives of the E&D Committee are met and to address particular areas of focus for the Department.


The Chair of both sub-committees is a member of and reports to the E&D Committee. The E&D Committee makes recommendations to the Management Committee.



The ECR Committee scope includes (but is not limited to):

· Identifying and actioning approaches to support career development of ECRs in the Department

· Reviewing activities which support career development

· Identifying and actioning ways to support new PIs in the Department


The Committee meets four times a year for one hour meeting. During this time, we discuss topics for the ECR seminar series, actions and new initiatives to support ECRs in the department, and review ongoing schemes.


The Committee should have members from a range of groups in the Department, some members with a clinical background and some scientists, and members at different levels of their career. There should also be someone who is able to provide administrative support.


Current members

Caroline Hartley (Chair)

Sarah Atkinson

Luke Baxter (Staff Scientist Representative)

Mary Macaulay

Elena Mitsi

Fiona Moultrie

Kat Pollock

Stephen Ray

Thomas Roberts

Emilia Skirmuntt