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Luke Baxter

DPhil Student

Luke is currently a DPhil student studying neonatal pain in Dr Rebeccah Slater’s lab. He is interested in looking at how resting-state fMRI activity relates to patterns of noxious-evoked brain activity and pain-related behaviour in newborn infants. He hopes to gain an insight into whether resting-state brain activity is predictive of stimulus-evoked responses in individual infant participants.

Luke also hopes to adapt multivariate pattern analysis techniques recently developed in adults to investigate whether fMRI techniques can be used to provide a reliable and sensitive surrogate measure of pain in non-verbal infants. He will use experimental noxious stimuli to test pain sensitivity in different neonatal groups and will also explore how the neonatal brain encodes stimulus intensity and differentiates between noxious and non-noxious touch.

Luke completed his BSc in Neuroscience in 2013 at University College Cork, and his MSc in Neuroscience in 2014 at University of Oxford.