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Kate Murnane

Kate Murnane

Dr Kate Murnane


Medical student

  • PhD (recently completed)

Graduate entry medical student, recently completed my PhD working on developmental haematology.

we hope our contributions will support the discovery of new target genes or even whole pathways, in order to help mitigate the real-life impact of aberrant B-cell differentiation programmes, for young children with DS

Through my research, I hope to understand why disruption of fetal B-development predisposes young children with Down syndrome to a 40 fold higher risk of B-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) and life-long immune defects. Eventually, we hope our contributions will support the discovery of new target genes or even whole pathways, to help mitigate the real-life impact for young children with DS. Further work into DS-ALL will also support investigations into ALL within the general population, and will crucially help elucidate the role of chromosome 21 in wider haematological abnormalities. I am a grateful recipient of the MRC WIMM scholarship (4 years).

I look forward to broadening my understanding of human disease when I begin studying medicine (graduate-entry) at St Hugh's College, Oxford, in September 2022.

Outside my studies, I am a passionate social activist, particularly in efforts regarding equality and diversity. I currently sit on Medical Sciences Division (MSD) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group, hoping to support the department in becoming more inclusive and proactive.  I recently helped coordinate a global initiative seeking to tackle Differential Attainment within medical research and healthcare, organised by the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO), in collaboration with partners including the Royal College of Physicians, General Medical Council, Wellcome Trust etc.

Other places you might find me...

-Freelance writer for the women-led sustainability and lifestyle magazine Imprint

-Sub-Editor for The Oxford Scientist magazine

-Founder of  Grab 'Em by the Poesy podcast covering feminism and society

-VP and welfare officer for The Oxford Feminist Society (2020-2021)

-St Edmund Hall MCR Welfare Officer (2019-2020). 

Social media