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NOX1 loss-of-function genetic variants in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Journal article

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Gastrostomy Feeding and Gastroesophageal Reflux


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Learning from events: the FLE project

Conference paper

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Plane Localization in 3-D Fetal Neurosonography for Longitudinal Analysis of the Developing Brain.

Journal article

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Measurement of body composition should become routine in nutritional assessment of children with cerebral palsy.

Journal article

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Disease associated malnutrition correlates with length of hospital stay in children.

Journal article

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Inflammatory bowel disease in Africa: hiding in plain sight?

Journal article

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Cortical timing of contrast processing in infants with perinatal brain injury

Journal article

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Gut permeability in autism spectrum disorders.

Journal article

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Disease associated malnutrition correlates with length of hospital stay in children

Journal article

Hecht C. et al, (2014), Clinical nutrition

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