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Hypoxia-induced transcriptional stress is mediated by ROS-induced R-loops.

Journal article

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Ethnicity, child health and paediatric services.

Journal article

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Hb Penang [β78(EF2)Leu→Pro, HBB: c.236T>C]: a Novel β-Globin Variant.

Journal article

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Gene of the month: PRPF31.

Journal article

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Presentation, Treatment, and Prognosis of Secondary Melanoma within the Orbit.

Journal article

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Variant haploinsufficiency and phenotypic non-penetrance in PRPF31-associated retinitis pigmentosa.

Journal article

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Diverse clinical phenotypes associated with a nonsense mutation in FAM161A.

Journal article

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Late presentation to hospital services necessitates greater community-based care for malnourished children.

Journal article

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