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© SAGE Publications. Introduction: Whilst sustained lowering of brachial systolic blood pressure (Br-SBP) and central aortic systolic pressure (CASP) have been demonstrated in patients with hypertension, effects of treatment withdrawal on these parameters have not been investigated. The ASSERTIVE study previously reported more sustained control of Br-SBP with aliskiren versus telmisartan in patients with hypertension, following 7-days treatment withdrawal. In this ASSERTIVE sub-study, we hypothesised that aliskiren would similarly exert more sustained control of CASP than telmisartan during treatment withdrawal. Methods: We investigated the effects of treatment withdrawal on both Br-SBP and CASP following 12-weeks treatment with either aliskiren (300 mg) or telmisartan (80 mg). Br-SBP and CASP were measured at the end of treatment, and at days 2 and 7 following treatment withdrawal in 303 patients (CASP randomised set). Results: Of the CASP randomised set, 94 patients completed CASP measurements at all time points (CASP completer set). After 7 days of treatment withdrawal, aliskiren demonstrated lesser increases in both Br-SBP and CASP than telmisartan; Br-SBP change: -2.0±1.6 vs. +5.6±1.7 mmHg, p = 0.001; CASP change: -0.4±1.6 vs. +4.6±1.7 mmHg, p = 0.041, n = 94. Similar findings were obtained for the CASP randomised set. Conclusions: Following treatment withdrawal, aliskiren demonstrated more sustained control of both brachial and central SBP than telmisartan.

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JRAAS - Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System

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614 - 622