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At the recent Vice Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research (PER) Awards, the outreach work of Dr Christina Dold and the Vaccine Knowledge Project is recognised for its excellence.

Part of the award-winning exhibition Brain Diaries

Dr Christina Dold, of the Department of Paediatrics was Highly Commended in the Early Career Researcher Category. Christina designed and led a student workshop simulating the process of developing a novel vaccine. The workshop consists of presentations, games and laboratory demonstrations has been attended by 70 students so far.

The Vaccine Knowledge Project, led by Professor Andrew Pollard, at the Department of Paediatrics, was Highly Commended in the Projects Category. The Vaccine Knowledge Project is a public-facing website which provides comprehensive, evidence-based and independent information about vaccines, infectious diseases, vaccine safety issues and other immunisation topics of broad interest.

Brain Diaries, to which the Department of Paediatrics’ Dr Rebeccah Slater contributed, won a Building Capacity Award. The exhibition and events programme at the Museum of Natural History was a collaboration between the museum and Oxford Neuroscience.

The exhibition presents current understanding of the health brain from pre-birth to old age, while the public programme explores translational and clinical neuroscience research.

More than 150 researcher scientists from four University departments have contributed to Brain Diaries. Launched in March 2017, the programme and exhibition has reached an audience of more than 45,000 people from Oxfordshire and beyond in its first two months of opening.