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Two of the Department's research groups took their research to a local Oxford audience as part of a two-day public engagement event called Living Well Oxford.

We had some really good conversations and people were very positive and interested. One woman at the end said, 'Thank you so much for your research', which made it feel worthwhile! - Sarah Loving, Vaccine Knowledge Project Manager

Researcher's from Oxford Vaccine Group (OVG) and Paediatric Neuroimaging Group joined a new event at Templar's Square shopping centre on 18 and 19 May 2017.

Sharing their research on vaccines and pain in pre-term babies, researchers spoke to passers by while they took a break from shopping, and offered activities such as a tablet quiz on vaccines; Connect 4 to demonstrate herd immunity, and 3D printed brains made from scans of preterm babies, term babies and adults. 

Gabrielle Green, Clinical Research Fellow (below left), sits with dolls, Britney and Tom who have tiny electrodes / EEG wires on their head to demonstrate this technique. In the foreground are 3D printed MRI scans of babies at 29, 32, 36 and 37 weeks, alongside a 3D printed adult brain. 

Dr Green's research involves using electroencephalography (EEG) and other measures to investigate sensory development in preterm infants and the role of sepsis. She hopes that increased understanding of sensory development in preterm infants can help improve neurodevelopmental outcomes in this vulnerable group.

Living Well - pain Living Well - Britney and Tom  Living Well - OVG 

Sarah Loving of OVG developed the Flu Quiz (above right), giving participants the chance to test their knowledge, with guided answers given at the end. She was joined by Dr Anita Milicic and Martino Bardelli of the Jenner Institute. 

Living Well is a collaborative public engagement project between the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), Science Oxford and the Oxford Health Experiences Institute to support the exploration and understanding of health and healthcare.

This “pop-up shop” entitled “Ageing: From Birth and Beyond” held in Templars Square Shopping Centre, Cowley, 15-21 May 2017, was supported by a Wellcome grant.