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A short video, "How do babies feel pain?", created by Dr Fiona Moultrie, Charlotte Moultrie and Prof. Rebeccah Slater, has received recognition in the 2018 OxTalent award ceremony.

Pain research in infants is highly emotive and generates a huge amount of public interest. The Paediatric Fiona Moultrie and Charlotte Moultrie picking up the OxTalent awardNeuroimaging Group created a simple animation to explain the importance of understanding pain in babies, the difficulties of assessing their pain, and how exciting new imaging techniques are applied to understand what is going on in their brains. The video has appealed to parents of infants on the neonatal unit, adults and school children, as well as scientists, doctors and nurses. 

This short animation has been exhibited at public engagement events at the Natural History Museum (Oxford), Ashmolean Museum, and Cheltenham Science Festival. The work was recently also recognised with an Honourable Mention at the OxTalent 2018 awards in the Digital Media Category.

OxTALENT is a competition and ceremony that has been designed to recognise and reward those who have shown creativity in using technology to further the University's strategic aims in teaching, learning, and outreach. The digital media category reflects the variety of forms that media artefacts can take: podcasts, animations, short videos (stills and/or moving images), or more substantial documentaries.

In the case of the "How do babies feel pain?" animation, the judges were impressed by the accessibility and wide appeal of the video. "We imagine that to cover such a broad target audience would have been an immense challenge for anyone and we think they have this spot on, which is a considerable achievement - well done!" the OxTalent jury commented.



Dr Fiona Moultrie and Charlotte Moultrie with their OxTalent Award.


Have a look at the winning animation!