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The University of Oxford’s Medical School is pleased to announce the following prize winners.

  • The Peter Tizard Prize in Paediatrics has been awarded to, Rose Penfold, Green Templeton College. The runner up prize goes to  Katherine Mackay, Green Templeton College.  
  • The Matilda Tambyraja Prize for Best Written Performance (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) has been awarded to Tom Hine, Worcester College. 
  • The Medical Women’s Federation Prize (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) has been awarded to Mike Shea, St Hugh’s College. 
  • The Sir John Stallworthy Prize for Best Clinical Performance (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) has been awarded to Kevin Cheng, Brasenose College. 
  • The John Potter Essay Prize (for an essay on a clinical neurosurgical, neurological or neuropathological topic) has been awarded to Gavin Reynolds, Magdalen College.
  • The Meakins McClaran Medal for the outstanding overall performance of a student graduating with the degrees of BM, BCh (Oxon) has been awarded to Emily Brown, St Catherine’s College.
  • The Geoffrey Hill Spray Prize in Clinical Biochemistry has been awarded to Andrew Gardner, Keble College.  
  • The George Pickering Prize has been awarded to Aislinn Brown, Magdalen College.
  • The Margaret Harris Memorial Prize has been awarded to Louwai Muhammed, Green Templeton College.

  • The L.J. Witts Prize in Haematology or Gastroenterology has been awarded to Joe Cross, St Anne's College. 

  • The Renwick Vickers Prize in Dermatology has been award to David Gleeson, Oriel College.

  • The Sidney Truelove Prize in Gastroenterology has been awarded to Hannah Rafferty, Green Templeton College.