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Simon Marchant, a DPhil student at the Paediatric Neuroimaging Group [], has been awarded the Postgraduate Research Award by the Institute of Engineering and Technology. The award, worth £2,500, was given in recognition of his outstanding engineering research in the field of paediatric neuroimaging.

Simon, who is also a Chartered Engineer and Clinical Scientist, applies machine learning techniques to neurophysiological measurements from infant brains, to develop new ways of analysing the data. This award will enable him to expand his experience and collaborations and apply his research to solve real clinical problems. 

His work has previously been recognised by the Alan Turing Institute, and the National Institute of Health Research. The IET Awards, which are designed to promote excellence in engineering research, provide support for high-quality engineers and encourage them to develop successful academic research careers.  

Professor Bob Cryan CBE, IET President said: “Supporting personal and professional development for todays and tomorrow’s engineers, and research into new technology are things we are really passionate about. Our global IET Postgraduate Research Awards are given on a competitive basis for excellence, and the related financial support forms part of the IET’s annual investment in the next generation of engineers.”