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If you were a DPhil student with Paediatrics and would like to be listed amongst our alumni, please send a message to with a link to your current post.

Should you prefer not to be listed here, please also email us.

Emily Adland

Morag Andrew

Geraldine Blanchard

Jacqui Brener

Kathy Burgoine

Michael Carter

Hannah Chen

Elizabeth Clutterbuck

Thomas Darton

Jake Galson

Clare Grant

Christopher Green

Mainga Hamaluba

Mildred Iro

Claudia Juarez Molina

Rama Kandasamy

Dominic Kelly

Ameneh Khatami

Rajeka Lazarus

Ellen Leitman

Susan Lewis

Amna Malik

Natalie Martin

Philippa Matthews

Daniel O'Connor

David Pace

Kirsten Perrett

Maheshi Ramasamy

Manish Sadarangani

Anoop Sebastian

Amanda Sibley

Matthew Snape

Johannes Truck

Chloe Tsai

Sherry Tsai

Claire Waddington

Nikolas Weissmueller

Rosie Young