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Research groups

Tesfaye Moti Demissie

MSc in Medical Genetics

Research Assistant

  • Participate in an ongoing covid-19 vaccine trial against SARS CoV-2 infection and other research studies such as Pertussis, Meningitis, Non-typhoidal Salmonella, RSV infection
  • working in a controlled area in the laboratory vis Containment Level 2 laboratories for processing infectious samples
  • Independently managing and leading a small group and study-related consumables and reagents
  • Providing administrative laboratory support (laboratory documentation, sample inventories and reagent information) and daily management of designated clinical trials, including updating the laboratory teams on changes to processes, meeting with trial monitors, communication with QA manager and Biobank Manager.
  • Arranging shipment of category B specimens in the UK and overseas following IATA regulations.
  • Discussing study updates with colleagues at weekly internal meetings with OVG clinical trial teams and the trials administrator. Monitor reagent stock and consumable items related to study
  • Assist laboratory-based onsite training for new staff and PhD and MSc students
  • Skills:
  • DNA and RNA Extraction, DNA and RNA quantification, T-Cell assays, ELISpot, ELISA, PBMCs isolation, Gel-electrophoresis, PCR, qPCR, Serum Bactericidal Assay (BSA)
  • Publications:
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covid-19, iNTs, and Pertussis vaccine trail, Meningitis, Immuno-genetics