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Serena Hill

Junior Project Manager

With a great appreciation for the design and methodology of clinical trials through my MSc in Clinical trial, I started my career as a Clinical Trial Manager for STRONG (specialised translational research oxford neuromuscular group) led by Professor Laurent Servais in 2023. Here I work on a portfolio of academic and industry led studies within paediatric neuromuscular diseases managing all aspects of the trial cycle from set-up and recruitment, to follow-up and closure, in line with good clinical practice.

In 2024, I moved to the role of Junior Project Manager within the team. My projects include the ACE-SMA  monocentric study which assesses feasibility, acceptability, safety and efficacy of an optimised rehabilitation programme for treated SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) patients, compared to the current rehabilitation programme in the UK. The aim of this is to support further efficacy studies and encourage the inclusion of the rehabilitation programme into the standard of care of SMA patients.

In this role I also work alongside Project Manager Isabel Hatami leading the newborn screening feasibility study for SMA, promoting early identification and treatment leading to better outcomes in SMA patients. The aim of this study is to include testing for SMA as part of the National Screening Programme. Moreover, I am part of a working PPI (patient and public involvement) group within the Children’s Hospital to support more patient-centred research.