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Rebecca Ling

DPhil student

I am a CRUK Clinical Research Fellow, working towards a DPhil in Cancer Science, supervised by Andi Roy and Tom Milne. As an undergraduate I studied Chemistry, then Graduate Entry Medicine at the University of Oxford. After qualifying I undertook clinical medical training as a Paediatric NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and then Haematology Specialty Registrar in London.

My DPhil aims to understand how developmentally regulated characteristics of lymphoid progenitors provide the molecular context for initiation and evolution of infant ALL. Systematic comparison of normal lymphopoiesis and infant ALL leukaemia using gene expression and epigenetic profiles, will determine developmental stage specific genes/pathways which are permissive for leukaemic transformation in MLLr infant ALL.  Ultimately, these results will help identify targeted therapies for molecular pathways relevant to infant ALL.