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Lucy Hamer


DPhil Student

Social Media

Research Focus

I joined the WIMM in October 2022 as a DPhil student in the Childhood Leukaemia Research group of the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit, with aims to investigate the developmental origins of high-risk childhood leukaemia under the supervision of Professor Andi Roy. Given the observed in utero onset of many childhood leukaemias, this project will initially aim to dissect both fetal and postnatal normal human B lymphopoiesis programs, with a view to understand the properties of fetal-specific progenitor populations that may provide the specific cellular context for the prenatal initiation of high-risk disease. I am grateful for the full support of the MRC WIMM Prize PhD Studentship.


Before arriving in Oxford, I completed a BSc in Medical Biosciences (First Class Honours) at Imperial College London, undertaking a 6-month research project investigating novel therapeutic targets in inflammatory kidney diseases at the Centre for Inflammatory Disease within Imperial. I obtained further research experience within the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine research group at the Great Ormond Street Institute for Child Health during my MSc at University College London, working at the Zayed Centre for Research to clarify the mechanisms of tolerance induction in in utero haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.