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Isabel Hatami

Project Manager

I started my career as a Scientist for Oxford Nanopore, after completing a MChem at the University of Surrey. Moving through the company from Research Scientist working on a then prototype DNA sequencer, now known as MinION, to a Process Transfer Scientist between Development and Production focusing on the wet chemistry for sequencing chips.

Next, after finishing my MSc in Applied Human Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University I continued my career in a food-tech company called Spoon Guru. Here my focus was on food product packaging looking at legislation, nutritional information and allergens in the UK and across the world including North America, Australia and Asia. As Company Nutritionist and QA Manager I ensured all regulations were adhered too and the quality of our analysis was accurate.

In 2020, I join Oxford Brookes University as Centre Manager of the Centre for Nutrition and Health, running all commercial funded research carried out by the Nutrition department. Here I managed THE research team and projects, from setup to finish including standard Glycaemic Index testing to large scale nutritional interventions which included remote and on-site testing on a range of outcomes from glyaemic behaviour, satiety and blood pressure.

In November 2023, I have joined Prof. Laurent Servais' research group as Project Manager to run the New Born Screening looking at SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).