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Research groups

Ghulam Dar

Postdoctoral Research Scientist Investigating Exosomes

  • I am working on exosome-based gene therapy project to deliver RNA-based drugs into diseased cells and tissues with particular interest on neurodegenerative disorders, which are emerging as a major health concern. In the past 3 years, we have developed a novel method for loading RNA drugs into EVs by using natural interaction of proteins with the surface of exosomes. With this method, we are able to load >600 RNA molecules into surface of EVs, resulting in efficient silencing of genes in the cells in vitroand in the brain of Huntington’s disease mouse model. Besides this, I am also working on biogenesis of EVs, and have found some novel proteins that are actively involved in secretion of EVs from the cells. We are also engineering EVs for targeted delivery of drugs across blood-brain barrier. The EVs have been decorated with active biomolecules that help EVs to release drugs from the late endosomes.

Development of exosome-based gene therapy for neurodegenerative diseases