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Charlie Firth

Ba(Hons), MRes

Vaccine Knowledge and Public Engagement Manager & DPhil Researcher

I currently lead the Vaccine Knowledge Project - a project that has garnered international acclaim as a trusted source of vaccine information throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and prior. With an annual visitorship in the millions, this project plays a pivotal role in disseminating easy-to-understand information about vaccines, and the infectious diseases they protect against. 

My responsibilities encompass both quantitative and qualitative research aimed at comprehending public attitudes towards vaccines and determining the most efficacious and compelling communication strategies for vaccination campaigns.

My role extends beyond academic research, as I actively engage with diverse stakeholders, including the general public, educational institutions, and healthcare professionals internationally. I aim to facilitate the dissemination of information regarding vaccine development and public attitudes towards vaccination. Collaborative efforts with clinical investigators and social science researchers ensure that our endeavours remain firmly grounded in evidence-based approaches. 

Furthermore, I concurrently pursue DPhil research within the Oxford Vaccine Group, supervised by Professor Samantha Vanderslott, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, Dr Sam Martin, and Dr Kat Pollock. 

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