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Monday Morning Messages


1st July 2024

Pay and conditions review
Professor Caroline Fall, Profesor of Inernational Paediatric Epidemiologoy within Medicine at the University of Southampton, Dr. Christian Rohlff, CEO at Oxford Biotherapeutics Ltd., Professor Nicholas Harvey, Professor of Reheumatology and Clinical Epidemiology and Director at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Centre at the University of Southampton, Dr. Michelle Fernandes, Professor Alan Stein, Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
Last week, the Vice Chancellor announced the outcome of the University's pay and conditions review which included new measures to improve pay, reward and recognition, support for the research community and the management of fixed-term contracts, to name a few. These measures will go some way towards addressing some of the many concerns that were flagged by staff and help alleviate known pressures. In case you missed it, you can watch the VC's message and read the full extent of the proposals, via the link below. 
Click here for the VC's message and the latest updates on the Pay and Conditions review
Don't forget to use your holiday entitlement
The annual leave year for the university runs from October through to September each year and staff are only allowed to carry over a maximum of five days into the next academic year. These five days are subject to approval by the Departmental Administrator and must be taken by January of the following year. So use your holiday and book a break now! 
Click here for more information about annual leave
Call for MSD participants to an EDI video project
The University is looking for interview subjects for its video series, Off the Beaten Track and are looking for staff and/or students who were educated in state secondary schools. They would like to highlight the breadth and diversity of experiences of members of the University, and encourage anyone who identifies as a member of a marginalised community or who has undertaken a journey that is particularly interesting or unconventional to put themselves forward. 
Register your interest to be approached as an interview subject

10 days paid leave for training
The Department has recently adapted its Professional Development scheme policy to include 10 days of leave for training and development. As part of this policy, staff are able to ask for ten days (pro-rata) per academic year, which will be paid time off for training. Dedicating time to professional development will deepen and expand your professional skill sets. It will enhance your current role, broaden your career horizons and equip you for the journey ahead. There is no obligation to grant more paid time off than the ten days, or to pay for the costs of any training but employees are entitled to have eligible requests considered.

All detail is contained in the policy which can be accessed via the link below. 
Read the policy here (SSO required)
Stakeholder mapping
Date:         Tuesday 9 July
Time:         2pm – 4pm
Venue:       In person, Kavli Institute 

Who do you need to engage with in the policy world to achieve impact? In this workshop, we will help answer this and other questions by equipping Medical Sciences researchers and DPhil students, and professional services staff to identify and map the people and groups who influence or are impacted by their research, when it comes to policy engagement. Using stakeholder analysis frameworks and interactive exercises, participants will learn to identify and categorise their relevant audiences across government agencies and other pertinent policy actors.
Register for your place
Sign up for Bystander Training
Every day, events unfold around us and we are all bystanders. At times, the events we witness might make us feel uncomfortable, we might see discrimination, harassment or bullying. When this happens, we can choose to say or do something and to be an active bystander, or to simply let it go and remain a passive bystander. 

For the second consecutive year, the department's Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity committee is offering a series of Bystander Training sessions to help you support fellow students and colleagues and act safely and appropriately. The sessions will teach you how and when to intervene, and to shift the boundaries of what is considered acceptable behaviour. The first session will take place virtually via MS Teams tomorrow Tuesday 2nd July at 2pmSign up now via the link below. 
Sign up here
Mandatory security training
The new Information Security & Data Protection training is now available for all staff.
Why should you take the training?
  • The training is mandatory for all staff and should be taken annually
  • This will benefit not only your work life, but your personal life too!
  • Encountering cyber security threats and handling personal data are part of all our daily lives
  • The new course reminds you to stop and think about how to keep you and your data Oxford Secure
If you have questions about the course, you may find it useful to look at our additional information and guidance.
Take the training here
Talking Spectrum: Navigating Neurodivergence
2 July 2024 | Online only | 11am
Dr Cressida Ryan will talk to us about her own neurodivergent journey and what that has meant for her working life. 

Three key takeaways for the seminar will be:
  1. The overall basket of neurodivergent traits is broad and may including contradictory and conflicting traits. This session will enable you to consider and respond more effectively to an individual’s personal “cluster” of traits.
  2. General inclusive practice can improve life for everyone, not just neurodivergent people; this session will put forward some simple ways to be more inclusive without the need for specific reasonable adjustments.
  3. This session will address and unpack a number of standard misunderstandings and myths about neurodivergence, increasing your general knowledge of the conditions covered and the impact of popular misconceptions.
Everybody is welcome to join. Please register via the link below. 
Click here for more information and to register
Industry Insight seminar
4 July 2024 | Boundary Brook House and online | 12pm
David Buck, Director of Lab Services at Azenta Life Sciences, will be giving the next talk in the Industry Insights seminar series. Harnessing the Power of Multiomics from a Single Sample to Explore Tumour Heterogeneity and Advancing Immuno-oncology will explore Azenta’s leading capabilities across genomics, cryogenic storage, automation, and informatics. The company is dedicated to sample exploration and management and helps customers bring impactful breakthroughs and therapies to market with greater speed and precision. If you would like a one to one meeting with Dr David Buck please contact
Register for the seminar here
CRISPR workshop
4 July 2024 | Merton College | 1pm
An invitation has been extended to everyone in the department to attend a CRISPR Workshop that is taking place on Thursday 4 July at the TS Eliot Theatre at Merton College. It has a stellar list of speakers – including staff in the Department of Paediatrics – and will be followed by a champagne reception and networking opportunities. You can view the programme by clicking on the link below. The event will start at 1pm and is free to attend. It has been sponsored by the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre’s Gene and Cell Therapy theme and is exclusively for Oxford University research staff and graduate students.
View the full programme and register
Fellowship Applications: Lessons learned from recent successes
8 July 2024 | Online only | 2pm
Applying for a fellowship is a key step in the career progression of many ECRs. In this seminar we will hear from two researchers who were recently awarded prestigious fellowships. They will share their experiences such that attendees may be better prepared for their own applications. 
Everybody is welcome to join.
Email for further information
Challenges in Meta Analysis: My journey and solutions
17 July 2024 | Online Only | 1pm
Yiru Chen, DPhil student at the Department of Paediatrics, has with an undergraduate master's degree in Mathematics from Imperial College London. Her research interests lie in the clinical application of mathematical models and machine learning methods. She will talk about her journey and solutions at this meeting of the Paediatric Analysis Network. 
Click here for more information and to register
New Therapeutic Approaches in Translational Mental Health
16 September 2024 | Maths Institute | All day
This in-person conference is hosted by the Oxford Health BRC and sponsored by the UK Mental Health Mission. The event aims to bring together industry, academic & clinical researchers, the regulator and government research funding organisations to discuss the current challenges facing therapeutic development. The overall objective is to forge collaborations that can increase capacity and capability through partnerships to deliver paradigm changes in translational mental health research. The event includes keynotes, lightning talks, roundtable discussion and industry led workshop sessions by Angelini Pharma, Big Health, Boehringer Ingelheim, Karuna Therapeutics and Reckitt Benckiser.
Click here for more information and to register
Can you help these trials? 

We need volunteers for a new vaccine against Marburg virus
If you are aged 18 to 55 years old and in good health, then you may be eligible to take part in a study investigating a new vaccine against Marburg virus. All participants will be reimbursed up to £1290 for their time, inconvenience, and travel. For further information please click on the link below. Here is a link to pre-screening questionnaire: Pre-screening Questionnaire or contact Oxford Vaccine Group with any questions: Email: Tel: 01865611400.
Click here to find out more about the trial
Malaria BIO-001
Oxford Vaccine Group would like to invite you to take part in a study in a challenge study to find a vaccine against malaria. The total study participation time is 18 months. If you would like any further information regarding the study please contact, or call 01865 611400
Click here to register your interest
Malaria BIO-004
Oxford Vaccine Group is looking for volunteers to help us understand how our immune systems respond to repeated infection with malaria. By taking part in this challenge study, you could help the research aimed at preventing hundreds of thousands of child deaths. If you are aged 18 to 45 years old, in good health and live in the Thames Valley, then you may be eligible to take part in the BIO-004 study. All participants will be reimbursed for their time, inconvenience and travel up to £9,100.
Access the pre-screening questionnaire here
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