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Do you love cycling? If so – and you’re interested in combining cycling with winning prizes and representing your University – get involved with the National Union of Students’ Unicycle challenge.

The 2018 Cycle September challenge, taking place between 1 and 30 September, is going global. Organisations from around the world are competing (retaining national and local leader boards too) to get the most members of staff to try riding a bike.

The organisations with the highest percentage of staff riding in September in their size category will win, plus amazing prizes are on offer for individuals and encouragers – including prize draws with great cycling related giveaways.

You can win a dream holiday to either New Zealand or the Grand Canyon by logging all your rides, anywhere and at any time, up until 31 March 2019. 

Last year Oxford University won the main UniCycle challenge, beating seven other universities to record the highest number of miles cycled over three weeks. Why not sign up to help Oxford to be successful a second time?

Cycling has numerous benefits. It can make you feel happier and healthier and it helps makes our communities cleaner and greener. You don't have to be an avid cycle commuter to take part – all types of rides count towards your team’s score!

Find out more by visiting the by registering at the Love To Ride website or emailing the Environmental Sustainability Team at: