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Vinicius Adriano Vieira


DPhil Student

Vinicius completed his Medical Degree at University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2012, before completing his medical training in Paediatrics and an internship in Infectious Diseases. He obtained his Master degree in Immunology under the mentorship of Prof Esper Kallás in 2017. During this period, he focused his work on T cell immunity and sexually transmitted infections. He also worked as a sub-investigator medical fellow in Dengue vaccine and PrEP (HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) trials. Subsequently, he joined Goulder’s group in 2018 at The Peter Medawar Building in Oxford and started his DPhil in October. His current work is focused on a group of vertically HIV-infected children that maintain normal CD4 counts and a healthy immune system without therapy. Within this group, there are some rare children capable of spontaneously control viral replication. We believe that understanding the genetic, immune and virologic mechanisms playing a role in those children is pivotal in the development of novel therapies to cure HIV.

Research groups