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Joanne McEwan

Paediatric Research Nurse

Joanne qualified as a Registered Nurse in her home town of Glasgow in 1989, and in 1997 completed her BA at the University of Glasgow in geography and Arabic. Having moved to Egypt she became interested in health literacy and access to universal health care which resulted in an MA in Geography (of health) at the University of London, focusing on water and health in developing countries. Her dissertation explored schistosomiasis control in the Nile Delta.

Later, she became a nurse manager leading services for women with breast cancer. Concerned about late stage diagnosis of Egyptian women she co-initiated research and became principal investigator for a qualitative research study on social determinants of breast cancer delay in Egypt which was published in Cancer Nursing (2014).

Having returned to the UK, Joanne completed her PGDip as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse in 2013 and worked in East Oxford as a health visitor.

Joanne is a Mary Seacole Scholar following a national leadership award as creator of the app Let’s talk FGM. She joined Oxford Vaccine Group as a paediatric research nurse in 2018.