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David Pettit

DPhil Student

Dr David Pettitt is a medical doctor and academic surgeon. He graduated from the University of Liverpool with the highest award of honours and obtained a degree in Management from Imperial College London’s Business School. He subsequently undertook postgraduate training in London and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery training in the Oxford Deanery. He has been the recipient of over twenty-five academic awards and prizes, has published in numerous high impact journals and regularly presents to national and international audiences. He has been a member of teaching faculty at Imperial College London and Oxford Medical School, and regularly serves as a trusted advisor for university preparation, admissions and spinouts. He is currently a Managing Partner of Oxmedica Global Education, the SENS Research Foundation Scholar at the University of Oxford (pursuing a doctorate degree) and an Associate of the Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI). He will remain at the University of Oxford following his research, following the award of a Sir David Cooksey Fellowship in Healthcare Translation and Digital Health.

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