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The Department of Paediatrics delivers the speciality rotation training in Paediatrics for Year 5 students studying medicine through the University of Oxford Medical School.

This course covers the vast spectrum of children born as premature neonates weighing a few hundred grams up to adolescence. The majority of children who are admitted to hospital are 2 years old or younger. The principal aim of the paediatrics course is to equip students with the necessary tools to be able to take a history from the parent(s) and/or child, and perform a competent clinical examination; to know about common conditions of childhood as well as less common but important conditions; and finally to understand growth and development, and the impact illness may have on growth and development.

The 6-week course comprises two 1-week blocks in Oxford of lectures, modules, problem-based learning, tutorials and a variety of small group clinical teaching, flanking a central 4-week block during which the majority of students have attachments at peripheral hospitals in order to maximise paediatric clinical experience.

Please also read the following information on the main University of Oxford web pages before accepting an offer from us: Your Contract with the University