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As a result of the staff surveys carried out in 2014 and 2016 we are doing the following;

You Said; We did

As a result of both the 2014 and 2016 staff surveys, we are working on the following things to improve the department;

You said - we did

'I feel integrated into my team, but less integrated into my department' - We have put on departmental events and improved departmental communications to get you meeting other members of the department e.g. Away days, lunches, monthly newsletters and weekly updates

'I don’t feel that Management and Decision making processes are clear and transparent in the Department' - We are regularly publishing the Management Committee meeting minutes and summarising them in the newsletters. We encourage you to tell us what you think we should be talking about in the Management Committee meetings.

'I think that there is a positive work environment' - Excellent, what can we do to make it even better?

'I have witnessed or experienced Bullying or Harassment' - If this is the case then please contact the Departmental Harassment advisors and there is further information available from;

We would like to know more;

As part of the staff survey a number of comments came up that we would like to know more about so there will be mini questionnaires about these areas, including integration into the department, transparency of decision making.

We plan to hold another staff survey towards the end of 2017/ early 2018. In the meantime if there are any issues you want to raise or feel that as a department we can improve on then please send these to the Management Committee which meets once a term and requests input from all staff across the department.

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