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The DEPTH Research Group is focused on high-impact research in digital health. Our team is centred on issues affecting the development and evaluation of digital solutions to health-related issues, integrated health data ecosystems and enabling infrastructure.

Research focus

We specialise in the development and evaluation of digitally-delivered health interventions at all stages in the development pipeline from origination to post-implementation evaluation.

Development of digital health solutions

The exponential increase in mobile technologies has brought with it many digital health interventions. We examine evidence-based, user-focused solutions to address unmet needs in healthcare.

Evaluation of digitally-delivered health interventions

Both primary and secondary research is essential for the evaluation of digitally-delivered interventions. Evidence synthesis is needed to assess quality and effectiveness. Usability, facilitators and barriers to use from the perspective of different stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, policymakers, academia and industry must be evaluated to understand how these technologies may be implemented. Furthermore, novel regulatory pathways and standards need to be implemented to ensure the safety and quality of digital health technologies.

Enabling infrastructure: Requirements engineering, artificial intelligence and blockchain

Requirements and product engineering are required to understand how progressive technologies can be effectively integrated into digitally-delivered interventions. Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation can be harnessed to elicit positive health behaviour change, improve clinical and population health insights and enhance workforce efficiency whilst blockchain offers a solution for authentication, access, tracking and linkage of data to distributed data sources.

Security and privacy

As an increasing amount of population data is accessed by automated systems and agents, the risk of exposure of sensitive information increases. The benefits of population data insights are tempered by these risks of unauthorised access, which can have direct implications to the quality and management of health. Research focuses on ensuring the accessibility of data to relevant stakeholders whilst ensuring data privacy is preserved.


Digitally Enabled PrevenTative Health (DEPTH) Research Group Digitally Enabled PrevenTative Health (DEPTH) Research Group

Digitally Enabled PrevenTative Health (DEPTH) Research Group





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