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The aim of VAS is to be a multidisciplinary research centre that seeks to study attitudes and behaviour towards vaccination in society, policy, and media, across time and geographies. It is led by Assoc. Prof. Samantha Vanderslott.

We combine fundamental social science research with practice, to promote informed vaccination. Being hosted by OVG benefits from the opportunity to work across disciplines. I’m keen to connect, to collaborate, and to provide social science and qualitative research input into your projects.

We started off the unit last month with a workshop. If you want to watch recordings of the various talks, see VAS Events website.

The team

The unit is comprised of researchers working on the social study of vaccination: DPhil candidates, research assistants, research associates, and visiting academics (see the website for the full team, collaborations, and projects). Team members based at OVG concentrate on public/policy impact and practical interventions, including Sophia Wilkinson and Charlie Firth (Vaccine Knowledge), Lucky Khan (OVG comms), and Karen Ford (immunisation education).

Keep informed

Please check our website and sign up for the newsletter, which should appear as a pop-up. If you would like to find out more or be in touch about anything related, also feel free to drop me an email (


For more information please visit: Vaccines and Society website