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Rebecca Berrens

Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow

Transposable elements in cell fate decision

Rebecca is leading the Transposon lab at the Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine at the Department of Paediatrics at Oxford.

She studied Molecular Biology at Heidelberg University and finished her Masters at CSHL studying the regulation of gene expression through small RNAs.

During her PhD in the Reik lab at Cambridge University she uncovered how the genome controls transposable elements by epigenetic modifications in early development.

As a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow at CRUK-CI, Cambridge, and Biochemistry Department, Oxford she studied how transposable element expression controls gene expression during early mammalian development. To accomplish this, she developed CELLO-seq, a novel method to study locus-specific transposable element expression in single cells using long-read sequencing.

Together with her group, she is using CELLO-seq and other functional tools to understand the role of locus-specific transposable element expression in development. 

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